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“Door County Beach" - 5x7 Original Shadow Box by Nicole Herbst

“Door County Beach" - 5x7 Original Shadow Box by Nicole Herbst

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As a certified teacher with over 30 years of experience, Nicole has continuously sought to expand her knowledge and skills in the field of education. She holds not one, but two Masters degrees - one in Education and another in Pastoral Ministry. These advanced degrees have equipped her with a strong foundation to effectively guide and inspire my students.

In addition to Nicole's extensive educational background, she is also an active member of various professional art organizations, proud to be a part of the Wisconsin Art Education Association (WAEA), and has served as a board member and the Northeastern Vice-President. This involvement allows her to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and practices in art education, further enhancing her teaching methods.

Recognizing the importance of networking and collaborating with educators nationwide, Nicole is also a member of the prestigious National Art Education Association. This membership not only provides her with valuable resources but also allows her to connect with fellow educators from diverse backgrounds and gain fresh perspectives on teaching art.

Beyond Nicole's roles in education, she is a passionate working artist. Creating art has always been a fundamental part of her life, enabling her to connect with students on a deeper level. Nicole's experience as a practicing artist gives her a unique understanding of the challenges and joys that come with self-expression, which she can then share with my students, fostering their own artistic growth.

Additionally, Nicole has had the pleasure of facilitating art workshops in the picturesque Door County. The natural beauty and artistic energy of this location serves as constant inspiration for both her and her students. These workshops offer a collaborative learning environment where all can explore various techniques and mediums, nurturing creativity and artistic exploration.

Expanding her artistic horizons, Nicole is also a proud member of the Textile Center of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This affiliation allows her to delve into the world of textile arts and explore new avenues of creativity. It has opened doors to a realm where fabric, thread, and color intertwine, enabling her to expand the artistic possibilities in her own work and share this knowledge with her students.

With my extensive teaching experience, advanced degrees, active involvement in professional organizations, dedication to her own artistic practice, and facilitation of art workshops, Nicole strives to cultivate an engaging and enriching learning environment in the classroom. By combining a passion for education and art, she  aims to inspire creativity, foster self-expression, and empower students to unleash their artistic potential.

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