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Andrea Naylor

Growing up on the east coast of Florida, Andrea was exposed to a culture rich in art and surfing. She received a MPH in Public Health from the University of South Florida and her work in this field led her to live and work in over 35 countries including Ghana, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. As a second generation painter, Andrea revels in the magic of the coast using vivid colors. Her preferred medium of heavy-bodied acrylics and preference of painting outside, provides the immediacy to capture the essence of the shoreline in real time.

 Andrea's primary focus of her work currently centers around coastal themes. The significance of this theme stems back to her childhood dream of being a painter. She paints from an intuitive place relying on her film photography work, feelings, and memories as reference.

 Becoming a mother in 2016 greatly shifted her and has been the biggest influence in her life to date. She is currently exploring how motherhood is influencing her perspective on time and process as an artist through block printing and daily painting with her children in the studio.

 Andrea currently calls Door County home where she lives on the coast with her husband and three children.