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The Pearl of Door County is an energetically collaborative space that strives to elevate creativity, appreciation, consciousness, empowerment and community wellness through the sharing of art, ideas, products, and experiences. We do so by providing professional yet approachable and inclusive encounters that honor the innate intuition of our guests and business partners. By offering goods and services from a diverse group of local artists, healers, and visionaries, The Pearl will continue to grow as a hub for the junction of fine art, craft, and energetic spirituality. We believe that creativity leads to empowerment, and empowerment leads to individuals feeling engaged and inspired, creating a healthier community overall. 

This is stuff we love and we know you’ll love it too.


Our values include sustainability, social responsibility, holistic wellness, empowerment, inclusivity, and knowledge sharing.


It is of the utmost importance to us that we are protecting mother earth above all else. We support businesses and sell products that are mindful of the environment in which they are produced and/or created. By maintaining balance between both the business economy in which we operate and the world's ecology and ecosystems we touch, we aim to leave the world a healthier place for generations to come. 


We strive to source products that are produced from ethical working conditions that support women and artists around the world in leading their best life. In addition to our products, we promise to abundantly support our facilitators and artists through fair commissions and working partnerships. 

We support individuals and organizations worldwide through in-kind giving of 1% of profits annually. In order to best support our local community of beautiful Sturgeon Bay and Door County, WI we will offer scholarship and internship opportunities to locals. By being socially responsible leaders in our community, we hope to inspire others to invite heart and soul into their business structure. 

When you take a class, workshop, attend a retreat or purchase goods you are not only supporting The Pearl, you are supporting the facilitators and the artists. 


Holistic wellness recognizes that the "whole" is made up of interdependent parts, and greater than the sum of those parts. By honoring the Body-Mind-Spirit connection in an energetic and curious manner, the individual is able to connect with nature's laws of interdependence and attraction.


The Pearl, in essence, is a sacred learning studio. We believe there is an abundance of knowledge in our Universe that leads to higher consciousness, self healing and the creative energy that drives us forward in our life's purpose. This knowledge is available to all of us and it is our mission to bring it to you through classes, workshops and retreats. We strive to bring in a diverse group of approachable teachers, artists, healers, and visionaries all for your inner expansion!