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The Pearl, in essence, is a sacred learning studio. We believe there is an abundance of knowledge in our Universe that leads to higher consciousness, self healing and the creative energy that drives us forward in our life's purpose. 
Sharing knowledge is a gift we can give one another. Being vulnerable in our personal experiences with one another also fosters self-empowerment. Dialogue and collaboration weave together the innate gifts we carry and disseminate that knowledge for the greater, collective wellbeing of our interconnected communities.
Our facilitators at The Pearl of Door County are here to work with you to uncover what you wish to manifest through a variety of modalities and techniques, including 1:1 sessions, workshops, classes, and retreats. We strive to bring in a diverse group of approachable teachers, artists, and visionaries all for your inner expansion! We are always expanding and adding more facilitators into The Pearl family, so be sure to check out our offerings.