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Sue Powers, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Certified Energy Practitioner

Certifications: Reiki Master 2003, Emotion Code® 2017, Body Code™ 2023, and
Belief Code® May 2024.

In my career as a registered nurse in traditional health care settings, I observed that while traditional health care helps us, there is so much more to true healing. As I began to explore different holistic healing modalities, a wise friend of mine recommended the Emotion Code®. I was immediately intrigued; it felt right to me.
One of the benefits of learning the Emotion Code was to help our extremely anxious and fearful dog, Mia. I can’t know for sure how much the Emotion Code benefited her, but she calmed down considerably after I worked with her and for the last two years of her life, she was much calmer and her quality of life improved greatly.

Another benefit I experienced personally took place when I attended a Body Code event in 2022. At the time, I had neck and shoulder pain of several years duration. I had used other healing modalities including chiropractic, massage, stretches, and measures to reduce stress; these measures helped somewhat. The pain was relieved when a fellow student at the event practiced the Body Code on me, and it has not returned.

Energy healing practices be traced back to the early 20th century, and there are many different practices of energy healing. The Emotion, Body and Belief Code healing modalities are patented, revolutionary energy balancing systems developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. (Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Belief Code was developed in 2023 and allows us to trace negative belief systems down to their roots, to unearth unwanted ideas to free your body, mind and spirit. This is the cutting-edge update to the energy work initiated with the Emotion Code and Body Code.

It is a privilege and great honor to partner with you on your journey to better health, healing and a higher quality of life. Doing this work feels magical to me and is a joy! I have been a long time Sturgeon Bay resident. I have two amazing adult daughters who enjoy my energy healing work for themselves and their cats.