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Katrina Chaudoir

“We are all perfect, whole and complete when we were born. Then life happens. And we are forced outside ourselves to survive. The Light helps bring us back to that perfect whole and complete being.”

Devoted to elevating the consciousness of humanity, Katrina is a passionate Energy Worker, Empath, Light Guide, Indigo Child and Walker between Worlds. With a love for children, Katrina’s path working with Star Children (Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children) as well as traumatized children has helped sculpt her life’s mission - Awaken the consciousness of humanity for our future generations.

Katrina’s favorite part of being a Light Guide is witnessing humanities consciousness elevate and shift before her eyes.

Combining her deep love for children, the outdoors and elevating humanity’s consciousness, Katrina is also a certified Waldorf Teacher, AASI & PSIA certified ski and snowboard coach, Reiki and Akashic Records Practitioner, Mother and Artist.

Katrina’s first Lucia Light Experience lifted a tremendous weight and created space to remember childhood gifts of clairvoyance. This she feels, reconnected her third eye to spirit. She knew after just one session that she was meant to share the light with the world - combining the power of the Lucia Light & her own sacred gifts of light.

Katrina’s work is catered to those on a spiritual path - those who are ready and willing to expand their minds and invite the magic back in. This work is not for everyone. Beings finding themselves called to work with Katrina are ready for a huge shift in their lives. They’re ready to let go of the old, outdated thought processes and patterns - ready to step into their higher selves - and into their power. Katrina caters to those with PTSD, anxiety and depression with a variety of experiences available.

Katrina continues her voyage of spreading the light back to her motherland in Wisconsin (here until further notice) and then returns again to her home away from home in the Pacific North West. She is accompanied by her beautiful star-children and an incredibly therapeutic canine companion.

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