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Setting an Intention

Setting an Intention... what does that even mean??

Setting an intention is like a goal, but without the attachment.

You know when you set a goal, it feels like you HAVE to hit it. There is so much pressure you put on you for hitting those goals.

I know cuz I'm a recovering goal-digger myself.

I now take a more gentle approach to getting things done in my life 

I call it in instead of forcing it.

I let what is meant to come to me, come to me.

That's what setting intentions are all about, surrendering your need to control the outcome of what you are seeking.

We can set intentions at any moment of any day. For example... today I want to keep my energy focused on X and Y. Or today I want to SEE opportunities that I may be missing. Or today I want to be open to receiving love.

Intentions can be as specific or non-specific as you want. And when you set them, it's kind of like making a wish. You set the intention and watch it fade away like mist in the air, allowing the powers that be to grab that intention and make it happen in whatever way it is meant to happen.

Of course, you have to be an active participant, but here's the magic.... When you set the intention and then open yourself up to however it will manifest, you are far more likely to stay the course.

Energy flows where intention goes, my loves!!!

So let's bring this full circle and talk New Moon Intention Setting....

Setting intentions anytime is a powerful practice, but doing it on the New Moon heightens the power. That's because the New Moon is the start of a new lunar cycle and the Moon will carry and support your intentions through the next 28 days and future lunar cycles.

Every month on the New Moon, we will be hosting a New Moon Intention Setting Circle. Come join us and see what it's all about! 

This will be a doorway into your future and I am excited to cultivate that space with you!!

Check out all the Moon Circle Events we offer here.  


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