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“The Warm Meadow” - 22x28 Original Acrylic by Christina Healy

“The Warm Meadow” - 22x28 Original Acrylic by Christina Healy

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Christina Healy is an impressionist artist who grew up in northeastern Wisconsin and now resides in Door County. Having both the lakes and forest as her natural playground, her love of the outdoors in reflected in her paintings. Throughout her life, she has been drawn to nature and its bold colors. “Color is like air to me - I just need it.”

Christina is a self-taught artists, creating and experimenting with her natural ability since childhood, which allows her talent to express itself without rules. “I like to do what feels right, not what is expected or predictable in my pieces.”

After a life changing experience, Christina immersed herself in art, focusing on the peace and joy painting provided. “I love being completely lost in the process; it is truly the only time I am 100% in the moment.”

The natural world is an endless source of inspiration for Christina. “When I see something or someone that leaves a positive impression on me, I feel compelled to interpret that subject in my own style and imagery.”

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