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The Lethargy of Fog by Joseph M. Lopez
The Lethargy of Fog by Joseph M. Lopez

The Lethargy of Fog by Joseph M. Lopez

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This is a follow up to my debut book, Sounds Unheard Songs of Home.

We write to build. To rebuild. To forgive others. To give the same to ourselves. We write of

longing, and languishing. Of love. And regret. Of easy days. And jobs that are not. Of pink
haired old ladies at the grocery store. Of hope. Sometimes. If she isn’t dead. Of pulling off our flesh, and sounding ourselves loud. Of birds that sing in broken song, and coyotes tasting marrow from our bones. Of the skin of us. And scars that hold. Of a lake that
owns us. In which we could drown. Of her persistence. And our own. Of the things we carry. And the space we hold. Of snow in August, under bare feet. Of the rise and fall of indifference. And of something in between. Of yellow fucking tomatoes. Simply because they exist. And how we stand in July. In grays and blues. Wet with rain. Warm, and barefooted. Steady and slow.

This is a story of coming home.

Joseph M. Lopez

A Wisconsin native, Joseph Lopez is author of two books of poetry, Sounds Unheard Songs of Home, and The Lethargy of Fog, and a book of meditations, Paper Tiger Sounds. His most recent publication is the book, Paper Tiger Sounds, (October 2022). He writes poetry, essays, short stories, and meditations. A book of short stories, one of poetry, and a book of his art are his current works in progress. With his success as a painter, he is always looking for a way to create and express himself. He has taken what he learned as an artist and found a way to translate that style into words. In his writing, all subjects are worth exploring. He resides in Door County, Wisconsin, a place of inspiration and beauty. The place he is honored to call home.

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