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Silver Sheen Obsidian Cat Heads

Silver Sheen Obsidian Cat Heads

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While many collect Silver Sheen Obsidian for its beauty alone, healers say that it’s so much more than just a pretty stone. This shimmering stone is said to provide insight, allowing you to look inward for healing and growth.

Its meaning and purpose are different from standard Black Obsidian. The more popular variant is all about purification and protection from dark energy. Golden Sheen Obsidian can do that, too. However, it focuses on providing personal power.

Like the glittering stars above, Silver Sheen Obsidian has a cloak of awe-inspiring mystery. The meaning of this stone isn’t just about healing your mind and doing away with bad energy. It puts you on a journey of self-discovery you never knew you needed.

Approx .75” x .75”

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