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Paper Tiger Sounds: Weekly Meditations & Exercises by Joseph M. Lopez
Paper Tiger Sounds: Weekly Meditations & Exercises by Joseph M. Lopez

Paper Tiger Sounds: Weekly Meditations & Exercises by Joseph M. Lopez

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This book will walk you through weekly meditations, lessons, and things to consider. They range from a simple sentence to something more.

As humans, we know things. We say we do anyway. Things we should do. We know how we are
supposed to live. How we are supposed to behave and deal with situations in our lives. How we are to deal with feelings. Grief, and love. Resentment and empathy. There are quotes everywhere. Numerous on social media. Painted signs we fill our homes with that are to inspire us to be better people. And we go through most days giving and receiving advice we’ve heard somewhere, usually boiled down to a simple quote that is supposed to help.

Are we
actually living, loving, and laughing? Or is that another overused saying that is lost on us? Something to placate ourselves with. Something said and seen so often, it is overlooked. The thing that makes the difference is action. It is focus, purposeful practice, and consistency. Focused, consistent energy builds. It grows. It becomes us. We begin to heal. We are better able to contribute to the world we live in.

Included, are simple exercises to help with this process. They will help you get to know yourself better. To help you walk toward your joy. For the week marked, focus on the exercise. Make that part of your every day. Meditate on it. Begin to master it. Just one thing. Do it consistently. You will know when it takes.

There is a sudden feeling you are mastering the thing. You’ll know the day, the moment it hits. It resonates. It becomes you. That feeling and energy is what we build on.
There is a soul understanding.
That’s it.

Joseph M. Lopez

A Wisconsin native, Joseph Lopez is author of two books of poetry, Sounds Unheard Songs of Home, and The Lethargy of Fog, and a book of meditations, Paper Tiger Sounds. His most recent publication is the book, Paper Tiger Sounds, (October 2022). He writes poetry, essays, short stories, and meditations. A book of short stories, one of poetry, and a book of his art are his current works in progress. With his success as a painter, he is always looking for a way to create and express himself. He has taken what he learned as an artist and found a way to translate that style into words. In his writing, all subjects are worth exploring. He resides in Door County, Wisconsin, a place of inspiration and beauty. The place he is honored to call home.

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