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Monthly Manifestation Manual

Monthly Manifestation Manual

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The School of Life Design paperback Monthly Manifestation Manual is a 138-page monthly planner and journal that helps you stay your spiritual course on a day-to-day basis. Life DesignÑlike any other practiceÑrequires diligence and dedication. When you practice a sport, your skills improve. When you maintain focus on the version of reality you prefer, you get better at looking for what you want to see. When you look for what you want to see, you find it. Make a deliberate practice of creating your life experience with your thoughts and you will gain noticeable mental stamina, agility, and acuity. Things wonÕt bother you as much. You will feel more calm. Most importantly, you will feel at peace with life. There is no limit to the magick you can experience when you are in the practice of using it.



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