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Geometric Moth Necklace - Sterling Silver

Geometric Moth Necklace - Sterling Silver

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18 inch

Channel the allure of the moth when you wear this geometric moth necklace with sun and moon. The diamond shape is a beautiful way to frame the moth with sun and moon, and also provides spots for you to attach more charms and gemstone beads. As creatures of the night, moths are driven by the light of the moon, connecting them to profound intuition and psychic awareness. And, due to the female's release of chemicals that intensely draws mates to her even in the darkest of nights, moths are deeply tied to passionate pursuits and matters of the heart. Comes on a simple sterling silver 18" cable chain with spring ring clasp. The charm measures 30x21mm, excluding jumpring. Gold tone version comes on a Gold filled chain. · Available in Sterling Silver & Bronze •Lipped necklace cards will come free with every order. Please note that necklaces will not be pre-carded. · Bronze oxidizes naturally over time.  Moisture under rings can accelerate the process and cause skin discoloration.

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