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Energy Rules; Deflect Negative Vibrations and Own Your Energy

Energy Rules; Deflect Negative Vibrations and Own Your Energy

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A unique toolbox-in-a-book that could change your energy levels and your life, from disruptor, visionary, and world-renowned wellness expert Alla Svirinskaya.

In this trailblazing book, Alla uncovers the hidden reason behind our energy and power loss – our innate tendency to synchronize with others, which brings positives such as infectious laughter and enthusiasm, but also negatives in the form of exhaustion from ‘catching’ negative vibes.

Energy knowledge brings energy power, and with the guidance of Energy Rules you will filter out what harms and attract what uplifts. Our energy is a precious part of our identity, as unique as our fingerprint, and we all possess a distinct ‘energy ID’. In this highly practical book, you’ll learn how to unlock yours and use it to navigate your life. Hailed as a ‘super guru’, Alla demystifies commonly misunderstood terms, like ‘toxic energy’, ‘energy hygiene’ and ‘energy vampire’ so you can transform the fear of negativity into your authentic superpower.

This practical and pro-inclusion guide is an ideal companion and catalyst to any modality of therapy and self-care routine you might be undertaking. Alla’s results-oriented approach won her universal praise, and in this book full of easily applied expert know-how, you’ll discover how to:

live a ‘non-toxic energy’ lifestyle for thriving in the modern world
sustain your spiritual wellbeing throughout your daily life
self-scan your energy for blockages and life-force loss
supercharge your aura immunity for energy self-defence
recognize different types of energy vampires and create tailored protection
apply Alla’s practice-proven quick-shift energy techniques for immediate self-regulation
unlock your ‘energy ID’ and become your authentic self
apply ‘energy hygiene’ to purify your energy environment and clean your inner magnet for attracting intentions
use Alla’s ‘aura probiotics’ formula to enable positive energy not only to be attracted to you, but also thrive within you
share easy energy rules with family and friends to improve the energy environment in the world
minimize ‘digital pollution’ and embrace digital living on human terms
mend energy leaks to upsurge your life force
upgrade your self-care routine with secrets for personal energy management
supercharge your manifestation abilities
heal with a pioneering sense-hacking ‘Energyceutical’ Power Meditation

Energy might rule, but you hold the reins with Energy Rules!

For decades, bestselling author Alla Svirinskaya has made headlines around the world with her extraordinary healing power. Now, with her highly acclaimed Energy Rules, you can hold the power to your energy makeover and wellbeing breakthrough. Sounds too good? This book will feel even better – start playing by the new rules today and feel the difference!

This book was previously published as Own Your Energy.

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