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It's Your World: Creating Calm Spaces and Places with Bob Ross

It's Your World: Creating Calm Spaces and Places with Bob Ross

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 Inspired by Bob Ross’s art instruction and wisdom, this mindful guide empowers you to create your own happy space at home, at work, or wherever you want to feel calm, productive, or just at peace.

Today, it’s more important than ever to find the physical and mental space to focus, reenergize, or simply be. For the millions who have tuned in to The Joy of Painting since the TV episodes first aired in 1982, Bob Ross is the perfect guide on this journey to personal happiness.

Bob Ross believed that each of us has the power to create our own world with imagination and lots of practice. In each TV episode, Bob Ross created the best possible space for his creativity and craft to flourish, from the thoughtful organization of his easel and palette to the way he methodically—and gracefully—composed natural vistas on his canvases. In It’s Your World: Creating Calm Spaces and Places with Bob Ross, his iconic paintings and inspiring quotes are paired with mindful essays that draw upon his advice about creativity, courage, inspiration, preparation, and serendipity. In this book, Bob Ross’s wisdom will help you find your own happy place, whether it is a dedicated spot in your home or office, or just a moment in the middle of a hectic day. And, because any change requires bravery, each chapter of the book includes “Bravery Tests,” interactive prompts that encourage stepping outside one’s comfort zone—key for positive, creative change.

Chapters like “It’s Your World,” and “Let’s Paint a Happy Picture” help you envision your ideal happy space and decide is most essential (and nonessential) to your happiness. The lessons that Bob Ross learned from observing nature and using color, as well as “happy accidents,” encourage you to see your living spaces—from living rooms to kitchens to bedrooms—from a fresh perspective, and, most importantly, have fun in your journey to making a space just for you. It’s Your World: Creating Calm Spaces and Places with Bob Ross is perfect for fans of Bob Ross or for anyone who wants to find a happier place to be.

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