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The Comfort Zone
The Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone

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Your comfort zone is NOT the danger zone! This paradigm-shifting guide shows you how to harness the power of joy, creativity, and ease to create the foundation for building your best life.


Get ready to forget everything you've ever been told about the "comfort zone." It's not a place where you sit complacently because you can't be bothered to take action. It's not a barrier blocking you from the life of your dreams. Instead, it's the truest source of growth, possibility, and joy--and it's within your reach with help from an expert guide.


As the founder and CEO of The Power of Positivity, an online community with more than 50 million followers worldwide, Kristen Butler has spent over a decade examining the elements of a life well lived and the paths that get us there. Her book blows the lid off the idea that anxiety and stress are necessary ingredients for success--and shows you how a state of ease instead of constant effort holds the key to unlocking your full potential.


In thoughtful lessons, exercises, and personal stories, you'll discover:


- The Three Zones of Living--Complacent, Survival, and Comfort--and what determines which one you are living in right now


- The Create from Comfort Process--including clearing a safe internal space as a foundation for self-expression and joy, defining the expanded life you wish to live, and acclimating to even your wildest desires in ways that are natural and easy


- Relationship Tools--including maneuvering luminary and gloominary relationships, turning competitors into compellers, and defining clear boundaries


- Mindset Tools (that really work!)--including examining and replacing limiting beliefs, using mantras, affirmations, and power stances to create internal balance, entering the flow state at will, and developing empowering mental habits


- And much more


"You will never achieve success faster and with less effort than when you are in your Comfort Zone," Kristen writes. "By living inside of my Comfort Zone, I've achieved more success than I thought was possible, and I've done it without feeling overworked or compromising who I am. Now it's your turn."

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