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21 Days To Explore your Past Lives

21 Days To Explore your Past Lives

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Your past lives hold the secret to healing yourself in the present. Find out how you can access this power in just 21 days.

Your soul has experienced many lifetimes before manifesting in your body. Trauma and joy from past lives can reveal our unique emotional make-up and explain physical ailments that trouble us today. People around the world have attested to the incredible awakening, healing and insight that can be found in a deep connection to our past selves. Travelling through the ages has never been easier with highly respected teacher Denise Linn's guide to uncovering the truth of our lives before our births.

The book includes easy-to-use techniques to help you examine clues in your current incarnation and recall events from your previous lives, and guidance on healing past-life blockages with regression. Removing limitations in relationships, fulfilling your future destiny and uncovering the symptoms of past-life trauma and how to relieve it are all within your hands, wherever you are. You'll soon realize the potential you're capable of by calling on your previous incarnations and creating a connection with your spirit guide.

It takes just 21 days to establish a new habit. If there's a skill you've always wanted to take advantage of, the answer is only a few weeks away with Hay House’s 21 Days series.

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