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Chakra Healing with Shadow Work

Chakra Healing with Shadow Work

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Restore Balance to Your Chakras by Integrating Your Shadow

Chakras are wheels of light that express the energy of the life force. When that energy flows freely and naturally, we experience a sense of wholeness.

When our chakras are blocked, we can experience poor mental health, physical ailments, and life challenges.

Limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, which arise from our Shadow, are one of the main reasons chakras become blocked.

The Shadow is the blind spot in the psyche.

It comprises our undesirable traits that we wish to remain hidden from ourselves and other people. The Shadow forms when we suppress beliefs, ideas, actions, or anything else that conflicts with those of society or our own values and morals. It grows with us throughout our lives.

And as the Shadow grows, our chakras dim.

But there is a solution. Shadow work is the process of looking into that darkness within, and accepting what we find there. Integrating our shadow brings peace, harmony, and restores our chakras to their full brightness. Chakra Healing with Shadow Work will show you how.

ISBN: 1957710217



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