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Break the Chain

Break the Chain

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Most of us allow strongholds inside our minds to develop into chains for our lives. Though the origin may differ between individuals, the result is the same-it steals our joy, diminishes our faith, and, left unchanged, harms future generations.

But, if the battle with the pain you are facing is BIG, the blessings God has waiting for you are even BIGGER!

This powerful testimony is the triumphant culmination of a childhood dream and an expectant mother's determination to overcome the pain of her past so she can provide stability to her growing family. Despite a harrowing past riddled with childhood trauma, Reising possesses an unwavering faith in God that has provoked many to question her sanity. Nevertheless, in spite of her best efforts, she has yet to fully open up about the story of her salvation and the reason behind her faith. Long overdue, Alicia bares her sexually abused past to provide vulnerable insight into the joy God has available for us when we allow him to repair our hearts.

Reising is fearless in her pursuit to share the truth about spiritual warfare, demonic threats, and the enemy's plan against God's children. In Break the Chain, she talks frankly about the highs and lows of coping with trauma, recognizing the responsibility we have to commit to our own healing, and the blessings God has waiting for us when we do. The author's perseverance throughout her distressing life experiences and answers to our most troublesome wonderings like why bad things happen to good people will implore readers to give Christianity a fighting chance.

Sincere, heart-wrenching, and illuminating, Break the Chain is the inspiring true story of a girl defeating impossible odds while providing hope for those seeking a lasting source for overcoming their residual pain and traumas.


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