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Brave Love 365 by Erika Nelson
Brave Love 365 by Erika Nelson

Brave Love 365 by Erika Nelson

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Confused? Lost? Heartbroken? Yearning?


This groundbreaking book offers support and validation every day, which is critical when we're reeling from the effects of narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships. It provides the tools and information to help you rise above the past by creating a strong connection with yourself and Source, the basis for a soul-inspired life filled with peace and joy. Healing our inner wounds that made us susceptible to abuse allows us to step into our power and find our answers within as we connect with the wisdom of our soul.


In this book, you will learn:


  • The truth about narcissistic abuse so you can recognize the signs, set yourself free, and reclaim your power.
  • How to identify red and yellow flags so you can steer clear of potentially abusive situations before they happen.
  • How to access the gifts of your wounded inner children to find freedom and bring healing to your deepest wounds.
  • How to determine your values, set effective boundaries, and build a foundation for healthy, supportive relationships.
  • Ways to more effectively maintain No Contact with your abuser so you'll be less likely to get "sucked back in."
  • Tips to recover from abuse as a highly sensitive empath so you can better meet your needs and recognize your gifts and strengths.


On this sacred year-long journey, Erika invites you to discover and embrace Brave Love-a daring love that emerges from deep within us and heals us as we recognize the magnificent truth of who we are.


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