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Laura Lee Lotto

Astrological Health Coach Intuitive, Laura Lee Lotto is here to be a catalyst for you to shift your view on all things health, wellness, balance, and living life to the fullest! Pulling from her vast and unique knowledge of in-depth and varied health experiences, years of education in aromatherapy & astrology, and combining it with her own intuitive abilities. She uses both planets & plants to give you a kick in the pants!


During each session, Laura Lee is committed to cultivating an open-minded and safe space, to allow you to unpack the deep physical and emotional baggage we all carry, while learning to truly understand yourself better, and feeling validated in who you are. She helps teach you to process emotions in a healthier way so you won’t keep repeating patterns of pain. Her fun & upbeat personality takes the chore out of making changes.


She specializes in relationship readings and loves connecting parents and children in a deeper way. The mother of five children, and happily married to her husband Phillip of over 20 years, she lives on their dream organic homestead with dogs, cats, goats, donkeys, chickens & ducks in Algoma, Wisconsin. They are currently working towards a future retreat & event center as well as a farm cafe and store.