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Derma Dharma Skin Potion
Derma Dharma Skin Potion
Derma Dharma Skin Potion
Derma Dharma Skin Potion

Derma Dharma Skin Potion

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Made with organic Calendula flowers that The Good Witch grows in her backyard garden in Door County, WI, Derma Dharma is a magical skin potion that harnesses the power of nature to nurture your skin from the inside out. It is non-toxic and contains only the purest natural ingredients. Each container is prepared by hand in small batches. It is naturally antimicrobial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal and has a shelf life of at least six months.

Customers have found Derma Dharma useful for a plethora of skin ailments including but not limited to: dry skin, cracked skin, ashiness, rashes, abrasions, eczema, psoriasis, acne, diaper rub & rash, flaky scalp, athlete's foot, scars, stretchmarks, keratosis pilaris, and tattoo aftercare. It also works well as a personal lubricant. Bonus.

Derma Dharma smells amazing because of the active essential oils, and a little goes a long way!

Ingredients: Calendula infused Coconut Oil and Olive Oil,Raw Shea Butter, Raw Mango Butter, Organic Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Optiphen (as a preservative) and a proprietary blend of high grade essential oils.

*These statements and this product have not been approved by the FDA. For external use only. Please test for personal sensitivity on the back of the hand for 24 hrs prior to use.

**For local sales including delivery or pick-up in Sturgeon Bay, WI please contact The Good Witch (Megan Lundahl) directly via IM @thegoodwitchskitchen, via email, or by calling (920)559-9595

***The Good Witch is a division of Bona Dea Holistic Wellness Solutions LLC

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