Katrina Chaudoir

Katrina is a Door County native traveling between Wisconsin and Oregon in any given year with her beautiful star child and therapy dog. Immersed in the studies of Spiritual Science and Anthroposophy, Katrina became a Certified Waldorf Teacher in 2013 in hopes to find the change needed for our future generations.

Furthering Katrina’s passion for learning and the outdoors, she finds joy teaching as a nationally certified ski and snowboard instructor as well. Striving daily to deeper understand the developing human consciousness, Katrina is also always looking to unveil the greater meanings to our relationship with spirit.

The most profound unveiling the Lucia Light has given back to Katrina is the reactivation of her Pineal Gland (3rd Eye) allowing childhood gifts of Clairvoyance to return and Spiritual Intuitive Readings during Light Sessions to be had. Katrina’s favorite part of being a Light Guide is witnessing humanity's consciousness elevate and shift before her eyes.  

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