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Unstuck Yourself

Unstuck Yourself

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Do you feel STUCK in one or more areas of your life.

Do you feel like you are subject to the incessant chatter of the negative voices in your head? This book is for you! For those that are already doing well, the information and practical exercises presented in this book will help the reader create lifestyle habits to squeeze even more juice out of life. This book enables you to: -understand the patterns that cause them to feel stuck-identify the patterns that will set them free-align with having the things they want most in life-shift disempowering ways of thinking -get unstuck and stay unstuck Unstuck Yourself is more than just a book... it's a life guide! Whether you are just looking to make some minor improvements in your perspective on life, taking your personal or professional game up a notch, or healing after a major life challenge... this book applies to you!

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