Therapeutic Afternoon of Art & Lucia Light
Therapeutic Afternoon of Art & Lucia Light
Sat, Feb. 8th

Therapeutic Afternoon of Art & Lucia Light

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Are you ready to elevate & awaken your bridge to higher consciousness? Rewire your brain's pathways related to stress? Give your central nervous system a huge reset? Deeply relax your entire being? Have a profound visionary experience beyond your wildest dreams that inspires your creative vision? Unleash your inner artist to capture that imagery in a beautiful, creative space?

A Lucia Light Session is a profound experience of visionary exploration. Access expanded states of consciousness reaching inner peace almost immediately. The light stimulates harmonic brain wave patterns only found in the minds of those meditating for decades - a place of unimaginable peace and indescribable beauty. Enter a state of deep relaxation coupled with focus, where one is in touch with their own intuition. Often times people experience their intuitions in breath-taking colors and kaleidoscoping, sacred geometry of one’s own design. 

When:  Saturday, Feb. 1st (Session 1 starts at 11a. Session 2 starts at 2:30p) 
Facilitated by: Katrina Chaudoir
Investment: $50/person
Level: Intro + Intermediate/Advanced

Session 1 is for any artist who already has work in progress or knows what work they want to work on after the Lucia Light experience. In this session, students are asked to bring thier own art mediums and supplies. Supplies will not be available for this session, but you will have a longer amount of time to work on your art, about 2 hours total for work time. 

Session 1 Timeline (approx.)
11a: Intro to Light 
11:15a: Light Experience 
12:15p: Transition to Art 
2p: Clean Up 

Session 2 is for anyone who does not identify as an artist, but is curious to explore art after a profoundly inspiring experience with the Lucia Light. This is for you if you have a desire to find the artist within! Supplies and art mediums will be available for this session: pastels and water color pencils for your exploration! Art time during this session will be one hour. 

Session 2 Timeline (approx.)
2:30p: Intro to Light 
2:45p: Light Experience 
3:30p: Transition to Art 
4:30p: Clean Up 

There are only 6 spots available for each session, so please do not wait to grab your spot. If you are feeling called to explore this, please sign up!! It's going to be a magical experience! 

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