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The Love of Angels - The Pearl of Door County

The Love of Angels

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"Ms. Bucklin's inspiring stories bring comfort, inspiration, healing and hope." Charlie C, Verified Reviewer


Heartwarming stories from real people, in their own voices, that comfort and uplift in turbulent times. Discover how angels have helped, comforted or directed in specific and unique ways during times of great need.


You'll be profoundly moved by these well-written and moving encounters with angels that will rekindle hope and energize your spirit. As one contributor's eight year old son said: "If I knew for sure that there was a heaven, it would make all the difference in the world." And now, you will know!


Publisher's Note: Readers of the Christian faith as well as those seeking to understand the role of angels, death, dying and the hereafter will be among those who enjoy this inspirational and uplifting book. Fans of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and similar inspirational and motivational writings will not want to miss this book.


"I started reading and before I knew it, I had enjoyed half of the book!" Anita, Reader


"This is a thoughtful, quietly powerful book." Priscilla, Verified Reviewer


"After reading "The Love of Angels," I started to define who or what is an angel in a much different way." N.C. Hooper, Verified Reviewer

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