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The Law of Positivism Healing Oracle: A 50-Card Deck & Guidebook

The Law of Positivism Healing Oracle: A 50-Card Deck & Guidebook

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Unlock the power of inner healing and transformation with this beautiful 50-card oracle deck.
We are made up of many aspects – in body, mind and spirit. When we find balance in one of these parts of ourselves, we can begin to heal the rest of our system. Author of The Law of Positivism Shereen Oberg has drawn upon her ancestral wisdom to produce a beautiful, energetically inspiring oracle deck.

The cards in this deck are themed around five layers – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual – with 10 cards for each theme to support your healing journey. Featuring the unique artwork of Lori Menna, this oracle will help you to become more aware of these five different aspects and turn your attention to where healing and observation are needed. It is through this awareness that the seed of healing is planted, and new processes can begin on different levels.

As you journey through each layer, you will discover how to heal the past, present and the future, your soul and DNA lineage, and raise your higher vibration. You can use the cards to release fears and negative emotions in order to reach a state of inner gratitude, peace and abundance. Discover how to attract positivity in your life and return to wholeness.

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