Smudging 101: Cleanse and Connect
Smudging 101: Cleanse and Connect
Monday Oct. 14th @ 7p

Smudging 101: Cleanse and Connect

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The practice of burning plant materials to purify sacred space, invite in positive energy, or remove negative energy goes back well beyond recorded history.

“Smudging” as the burning is often referred to as today, was often thought to help carry prayers to the Gods, the Great Spirit or to Heaven, depending on which tradition was performing the ritual.

Indigenous tribes, including Native Americans still commonly use smudging in sweat lodges and other ceremonies. This practice has been adopted by millions worldwide and while it has become more commonplace, smudging is indeed a ritual to be performed with great presence, reverence, and thoughtfulness.

WHEN: Monday October 14th @ 7p
WHERE: The Pearl of Door County
PRICE: $15 pre-registered. 
$20 at the door.

Bundles of smudge sticks can contain white sage, blue sage, lavender, palo santo, cedar and a variety of other herbs. Smudging calls on the sacred spirits of plants to drive away negative energy, invite in positive energy, and restore balance. Above all, smudging is a powerful way to cleanse both our space and our bodies.

It is a sacred practice, deserving of full intention, and reverence.

In this beginner's class we will learn why, how and what to smudge, but most importantly we will learn to connect with our spirit guides, plants, and the earth.

Leave all fear of the unknown at the door. You are about to step into the empowerment of becoming one with ancient tradition and practice while creating your very own, as my grandmothers and your grandmothers have done before us. It is good medicine, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

$15 pre-registration fee includes your own small smudge bundle. Please bring a burn-proof container/bowl/shell that feels scared to you as well as a journal for notes. 

Photos by @elementsofsage (we carry her bundles!)

**The Pearl holds the right to cancel any class/workshop/retreat that does not meet our minimum participants. If an event is cancelled, you will be given a full refund or the opportunity to use store credit.**

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