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Shadow Work Journal and Guide For Beginners

Shadow Work Journal and Guide For Beginners

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Heal your shadow self with insightful writing prompts  

Your shadow self is the part of you that lives deep in your subconscious and houses your darkest thoughts, such as limiting beliefs and traumatic memories. Shadow work is the practice of facing your shadow self and releasing what's holding you back. This shadow work journal and guide is full of advice and journal prompts to help you engage with the shadows and face the future with peace and confidence.

What sets this shadow work journal and workbook apart:

  • It's designed for new practitioners--Start practicing right away with a clear handbook format that helps you understand shadow work and what to expect throughout your healing process.
  • A focus on physical and mental awareness--Learn how to identify and process your true emotions as you answer deep questions and practice breathing and meditation exercises.
  • Shadow work that works for you--Explore powerful prompts that fit into any faith or belief system, so you can practice your way.

Learn to understand yourself on a deeper level and build the skills to transform your outlook on life.


ISBN: 1638781052

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