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Prism Oracle

Prism Oracle

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 This vibrant deck explores the links between color and emotion with 45 cards, each of a different hue. Each card features a unique energetic state—like Creativity, Frustration, or Reflection—mapped to a color associated with that energy. The guidebook offers direction on how to interpret the cards as a message from your higher self, as well as how to infuse your surroundings with a card's energy through meditation and altar building. This beautiful and insightful deck features modern minimal illustrations on every card and shining metallic edges, and comes enclosed in a rainbow-colored, foil-stamped keepsake box.

• UNIQUE ORACLE: Drawing from color theory, psychology, and magic, this deck reveals how our deep connection to color is a powerful tool for interpreting energy and accessing the answers within.
• GREAT TOOL FOR SELF-REFLECTION: Use these cards for gaining insight into a specific question, contemplating a decision, setting an intention, or for just checking in with yourself. The guidebook includes seven spreads for readings tailored to each of those inquiries.
• DISPLAY-WORTHY OBJECT: With eye-catching foil stamping on the box and card edges plus a prismatic design, this deck is as beautiful to display as it is enlightening to use.
• GREAT GIFT FOR COLOR LOVERS AND MODERN SEEKERS: This oracle deck is a must-have for fans of the
Mystic Mondays Tarot or The Secret Lives of Color.

Perfect for:

• Modern mystics and those who love them
• People looking for a new tarot or oracle deck
• Color lovers, artists, and designers with a mystic mindset
• Gift givers looking for something both inspirational and stylish



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