Holiday Vibes: A Guided Meditation to Embrace the Season of Joy!
Tuesday, December 10th @ 6p

Holiday Vibes: A Guided Meditation to Embrace the Season of Joy!

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Twas the Night Before...And instead of seeing sugar plums dancing in your head there was this list of all the things that needed to get done before that big December 25th day will happen. Is that what you saw, knowing full well that whatever does or does not get done on that list that day will still arrive...and will survive to see the other side of it...yes, you will! All is well.

What if though, there was a night in early December that was dedicated to nourishing our insides with those visions and thoughts that made it just a little easier to get through the holidays. A night that created space and spaciousness, that held calm and peace and dare I say joy for the time of year when the best of humanity is invited and allowed to shine and be shared with each other. Would you be open to that? Would you want to partake in that?

WHEN: Tuesday, December 10th @ 6p (hour long)
WHERE: The Pearl
LEVEL: All levels

Please join us where we will meditate and align to the season’s vibe of peace and good will to all (wo)men. Where we connect to that place where lists don’t count so much and the natural turning inward of the changing seasons is foremost on our important things to do list. In essence, we take a breath together, letting the dust of the doing and running and organizing and buying and worry and stress of wanting to do it all...just right...wisp off of us and then we take another breath to start to ground, to start to center and to start to realign and then we take one more breath... to come back home.

If this is resonating, please do join me, Coach Sara, at The Pearl of Door County to reconnect amongst the busy bustle of the holidays.

**The Pearl holds the right to cancel any class/workshop/retreat that does not meet our minimum participants. If an event is cancelled, you will be given a full refund or the opportunity to use store credit.**

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