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Elv Hall 30min Tarot Reading Book NOW! Saturday, Feb 4, 2023

Elv Hall 30min Tarot Reading Book NOW! Saturday, Feb 4, 2023

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Elv is BACK!!!
Have you been seeking insight on a career change or job issue? Is there something you'd like to know about your love life or family relationships? Is there someone on the other side you'd like to speak to, or have you wondered about a possible past life you keep dreaming about? Are you a creative wondering about a project? Are you a couple, pair of friends, or two family members looking into seeing what the cards and charms say about your relationship to each other? Are you seeking insight on a pet or animal in your life, here or passed on? All of these are common questions asked of tarot readers, and many are shocked by the way the tarot and charms "ask back the right question", revealing new information that creates healing and clarity.
Life is full of loose ends and diverging paths, and divination gives us a way to move forward, sometimes in ways that are surprising. Join Emily for an afternoon with some of her rare, indie, out of print, or artistic tarot decks, and vast charm-casting collection, to enjoy beautiful imagery and gain clarity and insight at the Pearl. You can book your 30min reading here!
Alternatively, shorter readings are 30$/15 minutes and available to walk-ins, and you can message us for an hour long super in-depth reading at 90$/hour!
Bio: Elv Hall is a recent transplant to Algoma from Milwaukee, WI, where she has been a full time tarot reader, medium, and charm-caster since 2018, appearing everywhere from Renaissance Faire to Milwaukee Art Museum. Her poetry has recently been published in Bone and Ink Press and Macro Magazine. She has a poem about her experiences reading tarot and holding séances at one of the 5 most haunted bars in the nation, Shakers Milwaukee, forthcoming from Ethel Zine in Winter 2022. Emily began reading tarot cards in 1997 at the age of 14.
Book your 30min session here or message The Pearl directly to book your longer appointment 

920-743-7632. Walk-ins are also welcome when available. 
Photo credit: Andrew Hinkle
Graphics credit: Erin K Nolan

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