Creative Clarity Workshop with Gong Meditation
Sunday, September 29th @ 10a

Creative Clarity Workshop with Gong Meditation

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The aim of this workshop is to help people understand and define their creative voice and vision.

Through stories, meditation and discussion, points of individuality will be identified, creating a clearer path to make your work, whatever the discipline, more aligned with your identity and unique character.

WHEN: Sunday, September 29th @ 10a-12p
WHERE: The Pearl
INVESTMENT: $35 early bird (through 9/25); increases to $45 after 9/25

The workshop begins with a talk, examples of finding one’s own voice within the chaos (and uniformity) of our lives will be shared.

These ideas will then be allowed to distill within each person individually – an important process to help identify the path to move forward – during a quiet gong meditation using a variety of mid to large sized gongs. These deep tones provide a relaxing and conducive background for undistracted thought, concentration and focus within.

After the mediation, the discussion will be opened to the room, sharing thoughts, experiences and questions, further inspiring and solidifying each person’s clarity on their own creative voice and how to put it to use within their work. Please dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket in order to lie down during the meditation.


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