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Copper Oyster Turquoise Sterling Silver Bracelet

Copper Oyster Turquoise Sterling Silver Bracelet

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The material spiny oyster comes from the shell of the bivalve mollusk, or spondylus varius. Spondylus means “spines on its back.” They’re also known as Thorny Oyster and Spondilid. Spiny oysters are more closely related to scallops than oysters despite the name. They symbolize courage and hope. They also encourage you to leave behind what you have outgrown so you can move on with peace and grace. Spiny oysters teach you that it’s safe to evolve and grow and when you’re ready, to come out of your shell. They embody the element of water – a pure yin, or feminine, element. Water expresses itself as nurturing, protective, caring, and comforting. It’s also the true free spirit. When you work with spiny oyster, you evoke the water element and call in incredible healing energy, acknowledge and honor the cycles of life, and connect deeply with your own emotional body.

*Bracelet measures approx. 7.75” in length. It is adjustable by clasp.

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