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Hennaglyphics: How To Henna

Hennaglyphics: How To Henna

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Hennaglyphics: How to Henna is the indispensable henna guide. This 3-in-1 trilogy will not disappoint:


1. The Henna Workbook with 100s of step-by-step African inspired henna illustrations

and friendly, personality-filled instructions! Decorate, create, celebrate!


2. The Henna Quest: It's story time! This adventure explores henna as a language.

Cross the ancient Egyptian Desert with the three wise women.


3. The Henna Handbook: bursting with henna recipes, methods of application,

ceremonies, and business tips.


S.M. Sheikh has written a book that demonstrates the fusion of the African henna tradition, American subcultures, and the global mainstream. Learn about henna from the earliest times through the days of the Pharaohs, to the contemporary African World. Travel through the feminine psyche of West, North, & East Africa while exploring the science, symbolism, techniques, and elements of henna design. Classic, dynamic, and full of inspiration. Henna Lovers indulge!

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