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Body Talk - Wednesday, June 26th, 6pm at Otumba
Body Talk - Wednesday, June 26th, 6pm at Otumba
Body Talk - Wednesday, June 26th, 6pm at Otumba

Body Talk - Wednesday, June 26th, 6pm at Otumba

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 Wednesday, June 26th at Otumba Beach. Bring a blanket/towel to lay on. This class will be barefoot!

As humans, we are blessed with the gift of emotions, but at times they can be really difficult to process. The emotions we feel hold energy, and sometimes that energy can get stuck in our bodies. This is called a blockage. You'll notice that when you're depressed, stressed, or going through a difficult time, you may feel exhausted mentally and physically. It may also seem like you’re feeling under the weather or can’t sleep well. All these may be signs that there are energy blocks present, but how can we shake them?

In this class we will expand on the topic of release through our very own vessel, the body! We will explore the connection between movement and energy flow as we work to release stagnant energy and reconnect to our body as a whole. Movement is one of the best ways to get back to our roots. Our very own body holds all of our history and the power to cleanse and restore, so let's use it!

Through a short and simple routine, we can begin to open the body to the conversation of emotional energy release. Movement has been used as a spiritual practice for centuries across cultures, including West African traditions and rituals. In these traditions, it is not just a form of physical movement but is considered a means of connecting with the divine and aligning oneself with the body. We will be barefoot for the duration of the class to aid in grounding ourselves, to improve our connection with the earth's restorative energy. 

Note from Tia:

My goal in this class is to help others understand the restorative power of their body and reconnect to their body’s full power. As a dancer and professional choreographer, this practice has helped me better understand my body's limits and needs, as well as its gift as a tool. This practice has created a safe space for me, and I hope it does for others too.


Pre-registration appreciated though we will allow walk-ins as well!


Learn more about Tia here: TIA-MARIE LEMIEUX – The Pearl of Door County

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