6 Week Meditation Class: Exploring Perceptions
Thursdays 6:15-7p (April 2nd - May 7th)

6 Week Meditation Class: Exploring Perceptions

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This 6 week class will be held virtually!!! Once you register, you will see a button that says download digital product now. Hit that button!! You will download a PDF with details on how to access the virtual meeting space. 

Could you benefit from a little more calm in your life? A little more peace? How about a little more joy in your life? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this 6-week class may be for you!

In these six weeks we will Ease on Down the Road of meditation a little further. You will be introduced to the concept of perceptual positions. Take the basics of meditation that you have learned and put them to use as we engage with more visualization and meditation hacks that I am looking forward to sharing with you!

WHEN: Thursdays 6:15-7p (April 2nd - May 7th) 
WHERE: The Pearl 
LEVEL: Mid. Meditation experience is recommended. 

We will be exploring and playing with perceptual positions and splitting your attention while using them. There are four perceptual positions: self, other, observer and omni and we will playfully see what they are about and how when we use them, we can gain traction in different areas of our lives beyond the meditation practice. Remember, meditation is an anchor and a resource for living our lives beyond the actual sitting.

When I looked up the definition of “perception” in the dictionary this is what I read:
-the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses
-a way of regarding , understanding or interpreting something; a mental impression

Our perception is a way of understanding, of becoming aware, of interpreting an internal or external event through our senses. Add in “position” and we are talking about a location and if we personalize that location we have the four perceptual positions of self, other, observer and omni. In other words we have points of view. We see things from our own eyes, through someone else’s eyes, through an uninvolved third person’s eyes and from the all seeing eyes of the Universe, Wholeness, Spirit or however you name that which is bigger than any one individual collective.

  • Week One: First Perceptual Position: One's Self
  • Week Two: Second Perceptual Position: Other
  • Week Three: Third Perceptual Position: Observer
  • Week Four: Fourth Perceptual Position: Omni
  • Week Five: Pulling it Together
  • Week Six: Hacks

You will be given the option to sit on the floor or in a chair for class. We have props available for your use at The Pearl, but please feel free to bring whatever makes you comfortable!

**The Pearl holds the right to cancel any class/workshop/retreat that does not meet our minimum participants. If an event is cancelled, you will be given a full refund or the opportunity to use store credit.**

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