Marggie Hatala BIO

Using her journal as a daily tool for self-exploration, Marggie Hatala has spent many years adding meditation, breathwork, and other centering activities to allow her deepest self to be accessed in the words that flow to her pages. This has formed the basis of her ongoing spiritual practice that mirrors the contemplative practices that she learned in her pursuit of her own spiritual growth throughout her lifetime.

Marggie devotes her Reflective Writing Workshops to helping participants to develop this deep inner awareness as the whispers of the divine voice inside reveals itself. In these workshops, an explanation of the process is offered, meditation and breathwork are combined with music to help all present to quiet their minds and come into their bodies. Only then, are prompts offered to help guide the inner questions that await answers beyond the conscious mind. Sharing is optional but deeply encouraged so that all awareness illuminated is owned by the writer, and can then be carried forward into life.

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