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Daniela Garcia Allie

Community Empowerment Coordinator & Quantum Frequency Healing

After a life altering diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2016, Daniela was connected to her higher purpose in life. To inspire connection. This first began through starting a business in which she creates greeting cards and journals for people to connect with their loved ones and themselves. On the path to recovery and healing since her diagnosis, she has uncovered claircognizant abilities that she’s had since she was a child. These abilities were latent although had never stopped trying to reach her. Having cancer opened up the connection to these abilities. 

As she began to remember, learn and work through her own blocks, she found frequency work.  She identified her own frequency distortions and focused vigilantly on releasing the difficulty and ailments that had made up her identity pre-cancer. Ultimately, her journey has been one of overcoming hurdles and is now here to serve, help and connect others to their own original essence. Because of her abilities, she does not need to know anything about you in order to help you. She works in the quantum field to release dense distortion, clear past lives and other energetic incongruencies to bring others into further alignment and clarity. Daniela works with her client’s higher selves in the field of higher consciousness. 

As the Community Empowerment Coordinator, Daniela will be in charge of organizing events for locals and tourists to gather in our community and get inspired. She is responsible for organizing all spiritual and metaphysical facilitators, including sound healers, psychic mediums and all forms of energy work. Together, Megan and Daniela will be creating monthly events centered around self-empowerment, self-discovery, mediation, expressive art, mindfulness and exploration of nature around the peninsula.

Daniela’s intention is to create events all over the county to build a stronger, spiritually connected community. Both Daniela and Megan realize that there is a need for people to gather in a positive and community-oriented way to raise the consciousness in Door County. 

See Daniela's full offerings below. 

    Sharing Her Gifts: Women’s Retreat July 2023   Fire & Flow Renewal Retreat August 2023