Christine Zimonick BIO

Chris has been exploring her own practice of yoga since 1995. She is certified to teach Yin and Kundalini Yoga and is a registered Sound Massage Therapist. She is a co-founder of The Sound of Yin Yoga. She also uses her expertise in these three areas to lead Yoga Nidra Meditations and perform Gong and Sound Concerts.

Her work focuses on balancing the energies of the body in relation to traumatic events, limiting thoughts, and negative emotions that may be interfering with optimal well-being. 

Outside of yoga, Chris is a lover of life, a mom, an owner of businesses, cake baker, runner, roller blader galore, foodie, health nut, hooked on coffee, kombucha and all things cake. She has run a half marathon, broken bones, almost drowned in more ways than one, likes to consider herself the Rummy 500 Maven, loves to laugh really, really hard, chant at Kirtan and dance badly. When it's warm, she can more often than not, be found with her hands in the dirt.

She has read a ton of amazing books, lives trying to answer the universal questions: ‘Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”, attempts to stay in a state of gratitude and continuously asks, “How does it get any better than this?” and “What else is possible?”

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