We are OPEN starting May 21st.
We are OPEN starting May 21st.
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Winter Solstice Celebration + Ritual: Gentle Yoga Flow, Meditation + Reflective Writing
Thursday, Dec 19th @ 6p

Winter Solstice Celebration + Ritual: Gentle Yoga Flow, Meditation + Reflective Writing

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The Winter Solstice is the perfect time for us to work with the cycles of Mother Nature and go inward, dedicating time to our inner growth and nurturing our soul.  We will take this time to reflect on our journey over the past year and see into the future by setting our intentions for the new year to come. It is a time of quiet celebration, a time to be with community, a time to renew and refresh our spirit!

This evening will be luxurious and pleasurable for the soul - exactly what we need during this time of year. You will walk away feeling so zen, so peaceful and so very much in your center. You will have a clear understanding of why 2019 played out the way it did and have a clear vision for what 2020 is calling you to. 

WHEN: Thursday, Dec 19th @ 6p (plan for 2 hours) 
WHERE: The Pearl 
LEVEL: All Levels 

We will begin with a discussion about what the Solstice means and take time to reflect by writing in our journals. We will then come into a guided mediation and gentle yoga flow. Meditation + Flow will be about an hour. It will get you moving, but in a slow mindful and intentional way. This flow will be designed to work with the energy of the Solstice and move any blockages or stuck energy in your body. We will end the evening with more reflective journalling to capture our visions for 2020. 

People have been celebrating the winter solstice for thousands of years, it is truly a time of rebirth and coming home to your center. Come celebrate this sacred day at The Pearl with your guide, Sarah Try. We'd be honored to have you! 

The Pearl does have mats and yoga props available, but please feel free to bring your own. We also encourage you to wear layers and bring water. Please do not forget to bring your journal!! 

This event is limited to 11 people, so please pre-register as soon as you know you can make it in order to save your spot. 

**The Pearl holds the right to cancel any class/workshop/retreat that does not meet our minimum participants. If an event is cancelled, you will be given a full refund or the opportunity to use store credit.**

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